001 1024xWeSTOC 1 – Park City, Utah – 1996

Announcing WeSTOC 25!

“Back to the Beginning”

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to invite one and all to the Silver Jubilee of WeSTOC, the annual confab that brings together some of the finest sport touring riding and riders in North America. Returning to its birthplace for the very first time, you will experience fantastic riding in the Wasatch and Uintah Mountains of Utah. The roads range from the first gear switchbacks of the Alpine Loop to the high speed Interstate sweepers of Parley’s Canyon, and everything a rider might desire in between, you’ll find it at WeSTOC.

The host city is known worldwide as a premier ski destination, resulting in an abundance of fine food and yes, fine drink for WeSTOC attendees to enjoy. The host hotel, Park City Sheraton, has a free shuttle available to take you downtown after a long day of riding to enjoy.

WeSTOC has been going strong for as long as it has for three simple reasons. The venues, the roads, and above all, the people.

John Sanford WeSTOC 25 Chief Disorganizer

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