Exhilarating routes and Stimulating Reading

It’s time for the next update on WeSTOC 24.

Exhilarating Routes

If you’ve been checking WeSTOC.org you may already know that we have 10 route maps online. All the route maps are accompanied by descriptive text and links to Google Maps. There will be GPS format files available soon for download. We will also add some more dirt routes to the mix.

If you haven’t visited WeSTOC.org lately head on over.

Either way you will find that Southern Alberta has plenty of absolutely spectacular scenery and that makes for outstanding riding.

Stimulating Reading

Keep scrolling to the bottom of the Rides page at WeSTOC.org and you’ll find some good reading material.

New and specific to Alberta is a piece I penned called “Spoiled and Loving it!” which details a lot of my favorite Alberta roads – many of which feature prominently in published rides for WeSTOC 24. This article was written specifically as the feature travel article in the Show Guide at the Calgary and Edmonton Motorcycle Shows in January 2018.

Another of my articles linked from WeSTOC.org is Crash 101 which had been published in Inside Motorcycles magazine and on their web site in 2012. This piece details a lot of the things I learned about recovering after getting rear-ended and t-boned in a period of four years. Lots of readers have appreciated the many pointers included in the piece. Hopefully you’ll never need to use these tips.

It has been customary for a number of years for WeSTOC attendees to have access to The Pace and Pace Yourself by Motorcyclist’s Nick Ianetsch. Both of these are excellent reads. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s very informative Guide to Group Riding plus the 8 Rules for Group Motorcycle Riding from esurance are must reads before attending any event where riding with others, especially riders you aren’t familiar with, could be part of the fun.

I am also thrilled that this year we have added a pointer to the Motorcyclist web site and a terrific article that was published in the magazine in 2011. Geoff Drake does an amazing job of describing a ride with his wife and a chance encounter they had which reinforced that we should all “Just Go Ride!”  “There are times and places for rational thought, such as in the choice of a new dishwasher or in observing the sell-by date on a carton of milk. But motorcycle trips are not in this category.”

If you are sitting on the fence about attending WeSTOC 24 reading this final piece may just tip the balance in favor of saddling up and riding to Alberta, Canada.

Thanks and enjoy the reading and ride planning. The WeSTOC 24 Disorganizing Committee looks forward to seeing you in Calgary in June.