WeSTOC 1 – Park City, Utah – 1996

Announcing WeSTOC 28!

“Billings, Big Horns and Beartooths”

The WeSTOC Emeritus Council is pleased to invite you to the 28th edition of the ST Owners Club premier event, the western Gathering and Reunion of former owners, friends and new friends.

This year, WeSTOC travels to “The Magic City” Billings, Montana.

The downtown core and much of the rest of Billings is in the Yellowstone Valley. A canyon carved out by the Yellowstone River. Our motorcycling home will be the Billings Hotel and Convention Center. Completely remodeled in 2020 it is a wonderful location for your launch toward some of the best motorcycling roads in America. The Beartooth Highway was called the most scenic road in America by Charles Kuralt. And the Big Horn Mountains in Northern Wyoming are well with striking distance for day rides. Sweepers, Twisties and Scenery plus Yellowstone National Park as well as several historic locations along the Lewis and Clark Trail are are available.

Adventure Riders will be pleased to know there will be more than a few routes recommended for you in the Pryor Mountains south of Billings as well as the Acton area. Locally famous for dirt riders. Check out the Ice Cave in the Pryors.

If you are on 2 wheels or 4 wheels this time there are plenty of historic and Scenic destinations. The “Shamrock” Ride includes Pompeys Pillar, The Big Horn Battleground about 65 miles away, The Pictograph Cave State Park just south of Billings, and Yellowstone Canyon Rim overlooking the City of Billings. A curvy road alongside the Yellowstone River southwest of Billings and north on the Buffalo Trail Road to the Molt Road and back to Billings completes the Shamrock or Figure 8 if you prefer. Slightly more than 200 miles total.

  • The town of Red Lodge is a bit more than an hour from Billings and is a favorite of our longtime Emcee Bill Pratt. Travel Hwy 78 through Absorkee and Roscoe is adjacent to the Beartooth Mountains. Go to the Grizziy Bar in Roscoe and get a Buffalo Burger and a “Where in the Hell is Roscoe” Tee shirt.
  • The North entrance to Yellowstone Park is only 135 miles away and a short drive though Lamar Valley to Tower falls is a great introduction to the park.  Don’t forget your “Geezer” Pass if you qualify! Lunch in Cooke City, Montana is a popular Ride to Eat destination from Billings. It’s on the way on the west side of the pass just before the park entrance.
  • Cody, WY is less than two hours from Billings.  Check out the Wonderful Buffalo Bill Museum there. Lewis and Clark are featured. For those interested in historic firearms, that part of the museum may be the best in the Country. Rodeo every night!
  • Just North of Lovell, WY. Big Horn Canyon and the Wild Pryor Mountain Horses are fantastic.  One of those local secrets! Continue south and west to Burgess Jct, WY on the steepest longest road in the USA.  10% for over 14 miles.  It’s recommended you ride east uphill to Burgess Jct on US14A then continue toward Dayton Wyoming to the red pavement then reverse direction west on US14 to Greybull, WY.
  • Check out the small Aircraft and Slurry Bomber Museum at Greybull, WY airport. 
  • To earn the Big Horn Ram Route (all 3 routes over the Big Horns in one day) turn south at Greybull and make your way to Manderson and Ten Sleep to join US16. Ride to Buffalo, WY over US16 then book home to Billings on what locals call the old highway that parallels I-90. A detailed route will be available.
  • Several other route options will be available in the map room with the Adventure Routes as well.

We know you will enjoy this part of the country and we look forward to seeing you here!

Michael– Stefani– Hal!